Avanti J6-MI

Experience the J6-MI centrifuge solution that’s uniquely designed to achieve key separations in volumes up to 6 liters.

  • Enjoy maintenance free operations due to the rugged, brushless induction drive which delivers high torque, fast acceleration, and extended motor life due to low wear
  • Experience full control with up to ten operator definable acceleration and deceleration profiles
  • Eliminate rotor imbalance with the exclusive ARIES rotors; designed to auto correct opposing, imbalanced loads up to 100 grams without manual intervention or delay


Choose an Avanti J6-MI Model

Tech Docs Part Number Product Name Max Speed Max g-Force Maximum BioSafe List Price Buy
- 6000 mL


- 6000 mL



With a 6-liter capacity, it delivers a high level of performance in separation techniques for bioprocessing, clinical, research and blood separation laboratories

High-Capacity Applications

  • Ideal for demanding applications of bioprocessing, clinical, and research
  • Blood sample preparation

Sample Protection

  • Self-balancing rotor system ensures runs are conducted without interruption
  • Maintain sample integrity through self-balancing rotor system
  • Corrects for imbalances during a run without shutdown

Customized Run Profiles

  • Wide selection of acceleration and deceleration profiles
  • Customization of protocol runs to suit your needs


  • Speed control and temperature ratings
  • Drive cooling and sound levels

Product Specifications

Speed Control ±|20.00|rpm of set speed
Max Capacity Volume Range |6,000.00|mL
Item Specifications Referenced 360292

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