Valita Aggregation Pure Assays to Determine Antibody Aggregation

Results in minutes not hours.

The Valita Aggregation Pure assay is a plate-based, 96‑well screening tool that offers rapid, high-throughput antibody aggregation detection and quantification. It is among the fastest and simplest aggregation detection tools on the market and is compatible with high-performance microplate readers with Fluorescence Polarization functionality. 

  • Simple & fast
  • Measure aggregates during monoclonal antibody manufacturing
  • Enhance your process development workflow

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Application Notes

Features of Valita Aggregation Pure Assay

Simply measure IgG aggregation

  • No wash steps required
  • No additional reagents needed
  • Only requirement: plate reader optimized for fluorescence polarization

Results in minutes, not hours

Rapid & easy to use

Technical features

  • In 96-well plate format
  • Recommended sample concentration of 200 mg/L to 2 g/L
  • Assay accuracy of > 95 % for human IgG1 samples with levels of aggregation > 0.5 % at 1 g/L
  • Fluorescent binding peptide with excitation max = 560 nm and emission max = 590 nm

Introducing the Valita Aggregation Pure Assay

Explore how the Valita Aggregation Pure assay can reduce costs and time-to-market in your monoclonal antibody manufacturing processes by optimizing the process development workflow.


Learn More about the Valita Aggregation Pure Assay

Valita Aggregation Pure Assay

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